August 24th 2009
Even though I don't post news very often, you can see from the gallery updates that I am still active. If you have any doubts, just contact me. On another matter, if you see a commission style listed as "special", feel free to ask me about it and its commission price.
July 2nd 2008
Long time without an update, which I apologize for. Life has been crazy and hectic, but I'm trying to get it back in order and also make more time for commissions again. Celebrating my newest update, I've also added a little extra section with some sigs and portraits I did, mostly for the Virtueverse.
July 10th 2007
The Guruverse poster is featured on a 2-page spread in NC Soft's "City of Heroes" comic book, published by Top Cow. Grats to all players represented!
May 7th 2007
Congratulations to Bitter Babe, winner of the Paragonian Knights Spring Bash contest!
April 5th 2007
After many months of work, finally the Guruverse is finished! This 34*29" poster shows 110 characerts from CoH and CoV and was a community project by the CoH Guru members. The whole poster was colored by the incredibly talented TimW2k6! More info can be found at
December 24th 2006
RP Visions wishes everybody happy holidays and a happy new year 2007!
September 17th 2006
And congratulations to Guild War Guru's contest winners Makkert and Emerald Maiden!
August 10th 2006
Congratulations to
CoH's Chriffer for his Paragonian Knights contest winning character "Vintage Hero"!
May 29th 2006

RP is proud to sponsor the Guild Wars Guru Contest over at! The 2 winners will each win a fully colored comic portrait with background of their characters! For more info visit the
GW Guru Contest page

April 8th 2006
Icelander VS. Ex is featured in the Fanart section of Top Cow's City of Heroes comic!
March 28th 2006
Site is now fully functional! If you notice any bugs or dead links, please inform me at Thanks!
March 17th 2006
RP goes live!





Hello and welcome,

to Roleplay! My name is Manuel Clavel, also known as Poison to many online communities and forums. As an avid gamer and roleplayer myself, be it tabletop or computer, I know how important it is for a player to have unique and striking looks for your characters, making them easily recognizable and at the same time telling of their adventures and lifes. Rarely, though, do we get to describe the spoils and souvenirs from past adventures to our fellow players... never does the character creator of an MMOG have all the hair-dos, robes and tattoos that we wanted for our avatars.

When I started playing AD&D 13 years ago, the first thing I did was to draw my character, then those of my friends. To all my game masters' peeve, I always spent the time during our gaming sessions, in which it wasn't my turn, drawing. It became one of my biggest hobbies and finally I made it my job.

And now you have the opportunity to get your own custom character artwork! The game makes no difference, online or offline, only your imagination sets the limits. We will work it out together and have your characters look as they were meant to look.

   Thanks for your interest,
      Manuel Clavel

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